World Series & one football comment

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is preparing to watch game tree of the 2006 World Series. As you may recall, your Maximum Leader is a huge baseball fan. It is with some anticipation and sadness that he anxiously watches the World Series. He is anticipating the result and knowing which team will reach the top of the proverbial greasy pole. But, some sadness is within him as he knows that he’ll now have to wait for next year.


Your Maximum Leader is, and always has been, a National League man. He loves the National League game. And, traditionalist that he is, he likes the fact that if you play in the field you have to bat; and if you bat you have to play in the field.

As a fan of the National League, he is rooting for the Cardinals. He has seen games in St. Louis (at the old stadium). The Cards are an old and storied franchise who deserve a win.

But, he is drawn to the appeal of the Detroit Tigers. A team that a few years ago (okay, last year) was so miserable that to have suggested then that they would now be competing (and favored) for the title of World Champions would have gotten you laughed at. (Or mugged if you were actually in Detroit.)

Of course, one of your Maximum Leader’s favorite players (Ty Cobb) was a Tiger. So that is draws him towards Detroit. Your Maximum Leader also wonders if the Tigers could be made a metaphor for their city. Could people rally around the Tigers and work to make a better Detroit?

Okay… Your Maximum Leader was caught up there in a moment of complete delusion…

Regardless of which team wins, he hopes for a long and hard faught series.

Hard won series - without cheating (yes, your Maximum Leader means you Kenny Rogers).

And one more thing… Tony Romo isn’t all that good.

Carry on.

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