Where is the Maximum Leader?

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is finally able to type a few lines of blog. Why has your glorious shining leader not blogged for yours and his pleasure recently. Well, he has been quite busy plotting world dominiation and conquest. And the other reason is baseball. Yes, your Maximum Leader has returned every evening to the Villainschloss spent some time around the banquet hall with Mrs. Villain and the Villainettes. Then, it has been straight away to the great hall and the glorious Sony 46 inch widescreen TV to watch baseball. So, your Maximum Leader has not even logged onto his Villainschloss PC this week! Stop the insanity!

Some general baseball thoughts from the Maximum Leader.

Point one: As everyone and his mother seems to be saying,the poor Chicago fan (Steve Bartman) who deflected the foul ball is not the guilty party in the Cubbies wretched meltdown in the NLCS. So I don’t think the fan (Steve Bartman) should be held up to the scorn and death threats of other Cubs fans. I’ve heard that a resort in Florida is offering the fan (Steve Bartman) some time on the beaches of the resort. I think he (Steve Bartman) should jump on that offer.

(Did you see the clever insertion of the fan’s name in the above paragraph? Humm… Your Maximum Leader has been keeping a close eye on Pamela Mackey.)

Point one (a): The cause of the Cubbies meltdown was the fact that they kept Prior in when he was throwing pitches that one of the Villainettes could have hit for a base.

Point two: Your Maximum Leader felt very hopeful about the Red Sox’s chances in Game 7 of the ALCS until about the 8th inning. They had scored early and had forced Joe Torre to go to the bullpen. The bullpen is the Yankees’ weakness. (And did your Maximum Leader mention that the Yankees are sponsored by Lucifer and the denziens of the ninth circle of hell? And I am taken to understand that Allah doesn’t root for the Yankees either.) But, Joe Torre is a baseball genius. (Evil Super Genius perhaps…) and didn’t go to his weak bullpen. He pulls out his very effective starters to do some relief for him because if they loose it is back to hell until spring. Then, the meltdown begins… And it was too painful to watch. It reminded me too much of the many many many times I have watched my beloved Braves choke in one or another playoff series. Indeed, one of the Braves’ most crushing losses for me it turns out is one of the best World Series’ ever.

Point three: Go fish!

In a non-baseball related story. Check out this Hominid piece. All I can say is, agreed.

The Maximum Leader also wishes the lovely annika the best on her LSATS. Perhaps she could be the Minister of Justice in the MWO?

And finally, the holidays are coming. Join the legions of minions who proudly show their loyalty to the MWO.

Your Maximum Leader hopes to blog more today. We’ll see if I can.

Carry on.

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