When the Man Comes Around

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader’s iPod dished this out last night…

Make of it what you will.

Carry on.

PS - Before some of his liberal friends start writing him and calling him a right-wing-nut-job predicting the end times… You should also know that the olde iPod also dished out “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John, “Finland” by Monty Python, “If I Can Dream” by Elvis, “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze, and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Tom Jones. So your Maximum Leader really doesn’t think his iPod is predicting the end of the world…

Huck Foley said:

“So your Maximum Leader really doesn’t think his iPod is predicting the end of the world…”

And why should it, when he’s got minions for that?
Here’s a prediction:
Remember how FDR inherited a recession from Hoover’s presidency, when he took office, and then extended it into a 12-year (1929-1941) Depression?
This next administration is gonna be just like that.

Mrs. Peperium said:

I used to love Squeeze.

Mrs P - you don’t like Squeeze any more? What caused them to fall from your good graces?

Mrs. Peperium said:

They didn’t really fall from my good graces, it’s just they were prominent at a certain point in my life and then my life changed.

This might amuse you…

I recall Squeeze being one of the mainstays of the music selections for the parties my best friend and I used to throw back in the Boston days. She had this terrific newly renovated condo in Back Bay - exposed brick walls hard wood floors and deck - very mid to late ’80’s. And you’ll especially appreciate this feature - it had been -before renovation- one of the first buildings the Boston Strangler had struck. Anyhoo, it was great for entertaining and we entertained all the time. We, eager to show off our developing housewifery skills threw all kinds of parties - lobster bakes, ones with black light bulbs (remember those?), semi formals, traditional cocktails - you name it, we probably tried it. And our parties always enjoyed a ratio of 2 to 1 of guys to girls….we weren’t stupid…

Anyway, it was one semi -formal cocktail party with us in our best dresses, hair, nails, and make up down tottering around on very high heels passing out an assortment of hot appetizers to a room full of gentlemen who were all superbly dressed and some equally well-dressed young ladies, that the gin combined with an impromptu Continental or a Lindy with this guy who went by his initials and was a fabulous dancer to “Black Coffee in Bed got the better of my housewifery skills.


I tottered back to the kitchen to put in the oven another tray of these bacon cheddar spirals we had made and there I found two gentlemen who were from England leaning against the counter talking and drinking. At that point I really took a fancy to Englishmen and we chatted away until the timer dinged. In my best housewifery way I took the bacon cheddar spirals out of the oven and placed them attractively on the platter, offered them to the Englishmen who helped themselves and then went off in search of as many men as I could find to help themselves to my bacon cheddar spirals. I was headed back into the kitchen when my best friend came running up and pushed me into the kitchen and shut the door behind us. Thankfully the Englishmen were gone.

She had just asked her brother ( I had just been by with my platter and chatted him up while he helped himself to some of the spirals) if he liked my bacon cheddar spirals and he said “They’re great but I don’t think they’re cooked.” My friend was naturally, aghast and came running to stop me. But my tray was empty. We looked at the stove and sure enough it was off….I had not cooked the spirals just placed them in the oven for 20 minutes and then removed them. I had served a platter of raw bacon to some of Boston’s finest bachelors.

We then peaked outside the kitchen to see about 15 well-dressed men in various stages of consuming the raw bacon cheddar spirals. She asked “What should we do?” I grabbed an unopened bottle of scotch and told her to grab the vodka and follow me….

We went around the room refreshing every gentleman’s drink in the hopes the alcohol would kill off anything uncooked bacon might give them…..

Dear Lord that is a funny story… Thanks for sharing.

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