What the deuce is this? A post?!!?!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader isn’t dead. He is just living the dream of being a father with responsibilities. He wants to blog. Trust him on that. He does. It is just carving out time to do it.

So what is going on that he wants to comment upon? Well… Too much for the short time he has to write this. He hopes that he can write some this weekend. Here are some possible bloggy topics: His trip to the Land of the Great Mouse in Orlando Florida earlier this year; his trips to various Civil War battlefields with his family (to commemorate the 150th of many of these battles); his tribulations as a father of two teen girls and a boy who persists in pushing his buttons; and the regular stuff political and social.

What your Maximum Leader really needs to do is cut out a block of time (an hour or so) once or twice a week to just write a post.

As if that will happen….

If you happen to get on the ole Twitter machine, you can find your Maximum Leader at this twitter handle: @maximumleader (or clicky this link).

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

Ah, a post. At last.

Your blog is starting to remind me of North Korea: once robust, but now a sad, moribund realm whose vitality is draining slowly, slowly away, held together only by the will of its despot, and showing only intermittent signs of life.

What I would give to see frequent posting again. You’ve had the same three rug rats for years, now—why, suddenly, do you not have time to blog? Is it that the rug rats have, in growing up, become more time-intensive?

As the father of two teenaged and one pre-teen girl, I, of course, feel your pain. Time-intensive? Just a bit. And it doesn’t hurt that baseball season is now in full swing. I reckon when the Nats go out to the west coast I’ll have a bit more time for blogging.

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