What is it with Argentina?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that Palmetto State Governor Mark Sanford has fessed-up to having an affair with a woman in Argentina.

Well… More accurately he’s been having an affair with a woman. The affair was discovered when he jetted off to Argentina to have a little Father’s Day fling with the woman. It is unclear to your Maximum Leader if the woman is in any way related to Argentina - except perhaps in the “she likes to have sex” there way. Your Maximum Leader is sure that Argentina is a great place. If he ever gets a chance to visit (which he has always wanted to do), he will likely do so with Mrs Villain. He also imagines that whatever it is that makes American men horny in Argentina will affect him. Lucky Mrs Villain will be with your Maximum Leader so there will be no need for resignations, apologies and recriminations upon his return.

Your Maximum Leader wonders if the woman is in fact Andrea Rincon? You may recall that last week your Maximum Leader mentioned rumors that Bill Clinton had “tapped” Ms. Rincon. (A rumor that persists this week.) What would be the chances that Governor Sanford also “tapped” Ms Rincon?

Great jeezey chreezey! If Andrea Rincon had been liasing with both Clinton and Sanford that would be a heck of a story! Not only that but your Maximum Leader would have to declare that Ms. Rincon would be the sexiest woman in politics so far this year!

Riddle your Maximum Leader this, how many more prominent Republicans will be caught cheating on their wives? 2 more? 3 more? Your Maximum Leader should run an over/under pool on this… He will say the number is 2. Over/under two more prominent Republicans caught cheating on their wives by the end of 2009.

Never fear loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has never cheated on Mrs Villain. He doesn’t ever plan on cheating on Mrs Villain. Of course, if the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt (or very desireable Grace Thorsen) happened to proposition him; he would be sorely tried.

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:


This one is out of Bill Clinton’s league. 1. Sanford actually had (hot South American) sex with the woman rather than playing-hide-the-cigar on the floor of the Oval Office with a Valley girl that worked for him. Since those days, Bill may have graduated to real sex with women of mature years but really, what kind of woman would sleep with a guy who did what he did to Juanita “You better put some ice on it” Brown?. Call girl, desperate, mentally ill, or chocked to the brim with antibiotics comes to mind. 2. If you carefully listen to the Gov, he’s in love. The first person he said he hurt (badly I think is how he said it) was not his wife - but her - whoever she is. This doesn’t mean he and his wife will separate, it just means he’s way more in than just career destroying lust. 3. What a refreshing change it is to NOT see the trod upon but still devoted wife standing beside her man at his “so Sorry presser - there’s also that other guy of just last week or whenever - his wife was a no-show too. Contrast that with the wife of the Dem, Gov of NJ who kept her smile while he announced he just figured out he was gay. Then there was eliot Spitzer’s wife - she looked like something the cat dragged in then we heard later it was all an act as she approved of him going to the prostitutes because their sex life was DOA. Between these wronged ladies and Sarah Palin, Republicans are setting the true examples for young women today.

All in all and combined with what a complete horse’s ass Obama is, these scandals bode really well for Republicans in 2010. They’ll get the House back. Heck, maybe even the Senate.

George Pal said:


That part of the Chicago political machine which joined Obama in DC knows about uncovering an opponent (real or potential) should it become necessary. And if there aren’t quite a few more than two (R) pols stepping out on their wives then I’ve greatly underestimated the caliber of Republicans.

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