What I thought about on my 40th birthday

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was thinking about this clip all day today.

Craig Ferguson is one brilliant bastard.

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

And one more time: the TRIBUTE.

Happy Fortieth.


Polymath said:

Happy birthday (from one cool guy to another).

Gordon said:

Happy Birthday you freak! All the best.

Happy Birthday!

I also just celebrated my 40th. I was not thinking of Craig Ferguson, however. And I wasn’t even bummed about hitting another decadal milestone. Since I have the coolest mom on Earth, I was thinking of the iPhone 3GS she ordered me for my birthday.

And, since I am an obsessive geeky type, I also thought about my new phone Sunday, Monday, and Today. And in all likelihood, I shall continue thinking about it tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

Charles said:

Belated happy birthday!

Mrs. Peperium said:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Mrs. P

Alas, my liege, I am late with feal felicitations befitting the honors marking your regal arrival on this planet! Long may you live and reign.

Indeed, we are all “yours”.

Your obedient servant,

Joan of Argghh!

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