What does $135 buy today?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader reads in the Washington Post that Ronald Lauder (he of the cosmetics fortune) has purchased a Gustav Klimt portait for $135,000,000.

According to the article Mr. Lauder paid the family of Maria Altmann the now record sum for the gold-leaf adorned portrait of Austrian socialite Adele Bloch-Bauer.

Mr. Lauder, you overpaid.

Your Maximum Leader figures that Mr. Lauder overpaid by about $134,999,999. If Mr. Lauder had been good enough to give his Maximum Leader a call before the auction he would have been clued in on his now irrevocable folly. For this advice your Maximum Leader would only have charged $1,350.

Then again, your Maximum Leader might also have slapped Mr. Lauder upside the head a few times, kicked him down a flight of stairs, and dragged him through the dirt. Then charged him $135,000,000 for doing so. In the end Lauder would be no worse for wear.

Carry on.

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Polymath said:

Every time I hear “Klimt,” I think of Rodney Dangerfild (”Back to School”):

Trendy Man: Mr. Melon, your wife was just showing us her Klimt.

Thorton Melon: You too, huh? She’s showin’ it to everybody.

Trendy Man: Well, she’s very proud of it.

Thorton Melon: I’m proud of mine too. I don’t go waving it around at parties, though.

Trendy Man: It’s an exceptional painting.

Thorton Melon: Oh, the painting.

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