Well, was I wrong.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was wrong. Not wrong wrong; but just wrong. Sure he knew that it was not going to be a good night for Romney when New Hampshire wasn’t close. Your Maximum Leader, optimistically, thought that New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, Iowa and Colorado were going to break for Romney. When New Hampshire broke heavy for Obama your Maximum Leader realized that his most optimistic scenario for Romney (which still had Romney losing by the way) was not going to play out. Your Maximum Leader is a little surprised at Virginia going for Obama. Your Maximum Leader had spoken with people who are well connected with both parties and figured that the Commonwealth was going to be close (which it seems to be still) but that it would break for Romney. It didn’t.

Well… There is not much else to do on this one (save the requisite blame game and internecine warfare about who is “pure” enough to win in 2016) except to say, congratulations President Obama. Your Maximum Leader hopes the next four years are better for America than the first. (But he’s not holding his breath.)

In other election thoughts… Gay marriage measures passed everywhere they were on the ballot. That is a good thing. The Federal Government should just drop all objections and road blocks to gay marriage and we should just put this issue to bed. Your Maximum Leader still isn’t sure why the courts haven’t ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act and nullified it completely… But they haven’t.

There is only one place to put the blame for the Republican party not picking up seats in the US Senate. That place is the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party got nominated people who were just unelectable to the majority of people in their states. Your Maximum Leader firmly believes that the American people are, on the balance, of a center-right persuasion in the broadest sense. But, they don’t like extremists of either party. (Some of you out there think that Obama is a left-wing extremist; your Maximum Leader has to respectfully disagree with you and say that his is more left-center than far-left.) An opportunity to win the Senate, while remote to start with, was ruined back in the summer when electable Republicans like Dick Lugar (and Olympia Snowe) were done.

Well… Enough on this one… There will be more to come in the following days and weeks.

Carry on.

Chris said:

What’s the difference between an electable Republican and a Democrat? It’s a rhetorical question.

Blaming the Tea Party for wanting fiscal conservatives elected is futile. It’s just as useless as blaming social conservatives, which I’m sure people will get around to eventually.

Electable Republicans did nothing to rein in government spending or overreach when they were in charge of the entire government. Why would anyone vote for Democrat Lite when they can have the real thing, complete with class warfare and naked pandering?

You’d never know that prospects for a GOP Senate takeover were “remote” by looking at the facts. The Democrats were defending more seats than they had a any one time since LBJ was president. Moreover, a number of those seats were in Republican-leaning or highly competitive states.

And, for the second time in a row, the Tea Party blew it by dumping electable candidates in favor of full-bore psychopaths.

Dick Lugar won Indiana in ‘06 with something like 87% of the vote, yet Mourdock was tied even before he started musing wistfully about rape babies. Missouri was such a lost cause for the Democrats that the national party stopped putting resources into it until Aiken explained how rape works.

Those idiots never learned their lesson from Delaware, Nevada and Alaska in the last cycle and should no longer be taken seriously by anyone.

And this isn’t about “”fiscal responsibility,” although it would be nice to see the GOP remember what that actually is. It should be clear to anyone paying attention that you’re never going to elect 60 Tea Partiers to the Senate, so you then have the choice of getting some of what you want or nothing at all.

And watching this retarded purity test doesn’t remind me of Reagan as much as it does the Cultural Revolution. God knows the results are about the same.

Kevin Kim said:

I like cotton candy.

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