Well This News Sucks.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has never lived in the Chicago area. Indeed, all he can say is that he’s visited the great city of Chicago many times for business and pleasure. So, it is with some sadness that he reads off the news wires that the famous Berghoff restaurant is closing.

The first time your Maximum Leader went to the Berghoff was with the good Smallholder. The Smallholder and Mrs. Smallholder were living in the Chicago suburbs at the time. Your Maximum Leader was also attempting to pitch a little woo at one of Mrs. Smallholder’s college friends. (To no avail - in case you were wondering.) Your Maximum Leader and his Minister of Agriculture went to the Berghoff to have a beer and view Liquor License Number 1. We ended up having steaks as well (as your Maxmum Leader remembers).

Your Maximum Leader dined at the Berghoff a few more times on subsequent visits over the years. He had thought that one day he might take Mrs. Villain there for dinner. But now that plan seems to have gone the way of your Maximum Leader taking Mrs. Villain shopping sometime at Marshall Fields…

Your Maximum Leader hopes that Misspent is not too upset by this news.

Carry on.

Misspent said:

I am sad. Another Chicago landmark gone. Pretty soon everything will be a Cheesecake Factory. :(

valium said:

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