Well that was fun

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader needs to make a little confession. Last night before the Veep debate your Maximum Leader was on the verge kicking Sarah Palin to the proverbial curb. After a poor performance with Charlie Gibson, an okay performance with Sean Hannity, and a really really really bad performance with Katie Couric your Maximum Leader was about to give up on Sarah Palin.

After last night’s debate, not so much.

Your Maximum Leader believes that Sarah Palin is teachable. She can come up to speed on the issues. She has a core set of beliefs that can guide her in decision making. She is a remarkably able political figure. She needs polish. She needs a litle more finesse.

So… Your Maximum Leader thought that Sarah Palin exceeded expectations. By that (low) criteria she could be judged to have “won” the debate. All in all, your Maximum Leader thinks that both Veep wanna-bes did exactly what they had to do. They attacked the other presidential candidate. They articulated the talking points of their campaigns. They did no harm. The best think that can be said about the debate is that it took the Veeps out of the mix. Argueably, much more will hinge on McCain and Obama’s performances in the next two debates.

Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure that either Palin or Biden convinced an undecided voter of anything. They effectively pushed the debates on to the next level - the top of the ticket level - which is where it should be.

On partisan points… If one was disinclined to like Palin or Biden you came away with all the ammo you needed to say what you were already predisposed to say. For every Democratic partisan who says that Palin was too familiar, too cute, or too winky you will find a Republican partisan who will say that Biden was stiff, senatorial, and exaggerated. Your Maximum Leader finds that people he considers “normal” voters (not the acute political observers like himself) were not put out by the demeanor of either candidate.

So… In the end has your Maximum Leader changed his mind on anything as a result of this debate? Not exactly. His view has clarified in a number of ways however. He’s always thought that Biden was the right guy for Barack Obama - nothing has changed that. As far as Sarah Palin goes… Your Maximum Leader doesn’t believe that she is ready to be President on January 20, 2009. She is ready for a national stage, and with some experience and learning she would probably be a fine Vice President. He still has concerns about the whole trooper story that is lingering out there. Would your Maximum Leader have chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate? No he would not have done so. Did McCain make a mistake in choosing her? No. McCain made a calculated political choice that has helped him in an area in which he needed help. No person aspiring to be president seriously contemplates his own death and then makes up their mind on a Vice Presidential pick. They do political math and make a choice. That is what McCain did. Frankly, that is what Presidential candidates have been doing since they have had to make the choice.

Will this verdict on Palin change your Maximum Leader’s vote for McCain? No. It will not.

In case you were wondering.

Carry on.

Eric said:

…. you gotta be kidding me……. right?…….

ShyAsrai said:

i’m not interested anymore on how versed a candidate is on ‘the issues’. any smart person will be up to speed as necessary with all the expertise with which they will surround themselves. to me ‘experience’ translates to being sly enough or shameless enough to have escaped deserved KOs.

i’ve decided a more valid litmus test is how well does/can a candidate identify with me.

i’m not looking for perfection. we never get that anyway no matter how deeply we delve into a candidate’s record, life etc… (sad that we even feel lucky if someone is only 50% corrupted rather than 100% corrupted)

i’m looking for someone with at least a memory of what life is like for the majority of us honest folk.

Sarah Palin, being the most recently experienced in life as Mrs. JQ Public as any major candidate since - ever - gets my vote.

Mrs. Peperium said:

You wanted to kick this to the curb?


You need oysters -stat!

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