Weird Dream

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader skipped out to the beach for a few days and while there had a brainstorm for a short story. So that explains his (now usual) lack of posting…

Your Maximum Leader doesn’t normally blog about his dreams. This is mainly because dreams (Inception aside) are just subconscious ramblings of you mind trying to unwind. Last night your Maximum Leader had a dream that was positively frightening. It did, in fact, wake him from his slumber. In the dream your Maximum Leader’s legs were encrusted with some material like peat moss. The moss was infested with flesh-eating ants that were trying to make a colony in his legs. In the dream after a bit of panic your Maximum Leader took a long knife and cut off the infested moss. He then swam in a very cold river. Apparently at this point he woke up.

This was the first time a dream has caused your Maximum Leader to wake up from a deep sleep in longer than he can remember.

Oddly… Shortly after waking up a loud thunderstorm blew in. It was comforting and put your Maximum Leader right back to sleep, happy in the knowledge that we were getting much needed rain.

If any of you out there care to play Joseph to your Maximum Leader’s Pharaoh and try some dream interpretation feel free to go for it. (NB to all minions: your Maximum Leader thinks dream interpretation is bunk by the way - but have at it anyway.)

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

“If any of you out there care to play Joseph to your Maximum Leader’s Pharaoh and try some dream interpretation feel free to go for it.”

No comments yet? Heh — they’re all too afraid, the minions are.

My take: a dream involving transdermal violation by something both amorphous (moss) and relentless (ants) merely indicates some sort of generalized anxiety. As you say: dreams are just your mind trying to unwind. I don’t attach special meaning to them, either, though it should be obvious that some dreams have a clear significance– not as spooky indications of the future, or as the obscure writhing of ancient archetypes, but rather as evidence that the brain is processing the day’s events and/or certain major undercurrents in one’s life.

Mageen in Old Virginny said:

Kevin Kim is one smart dude.

Psychologists would also say that in dreams aggressor and victim are one in the same. That really solves things, doesn’t it.

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