Weekend Blogging! What next?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is sitting at his mighty ubercomputer in the Villainschloss and blogging on a Saturday. What is next? Rivers of blood? Plagues of locusts?

Well… Probably none of those things. It is more likely that your Maximum Leader will just put up a few posts about things on his mind.

Of course your Maximum Leader could use his shock at seeing a post from his good friend the Foreign Minister appear on the blog as an excuse for not blogging for two days… But actually, life has been quite busy for your Maximum Leader. He just hasn’t had it in him to blog. This is not to say that he hasn’t had subjects on which he wanted to comment. He just hasn’t had the energy or time to put them down in a coherent way.

Not that the coherence or non-coherence of a particular post has been an issue for him in the past…

Expect some posting over the weekend from your Maximum Leader. Feel free to read the posting when ever - probably Monday… Since that is when you all will likely return to reading this site. Your Maximum Leader can imagine you all… Sitting at your comfy desks at your place of employment. Sipping your hot beverage. Gleefully reading Naked Villainy. And feeling like you are sticking it to “The Man” because you are visiting a web site with the word “naked” in the URL that isn’t a porn site…


Carry on.

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