Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will be ready with scotch in hand when the Vice President Candidates square off tonight. He will not live-blog anything (as he isn’t a live-blogging type of guy; and his computer at home is still on the fritz - long story). But he will be very interested to see what happens.

Biden needs to keep his answers short and direct. He needs to attack McCain and not seem condecending to Palin.

Palin needs to give accurate and cogent answers. She needs to attack Obama and not appear stupid or over her head.

It all seems so simple… But it will actually be quite hard - for both candidates.

This is the first political event since summer that has really excited your Maximum Leader to see.

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:

Maxy, don’t get your terrific kilt in a twist. This whole thing is being ginned up as do or die. And do you know what? If Sarah Palin comes out tonight and bats it out of the park, tomorrow Tina Fey will kick up her impersonation a few notches…and the assault on Sarah Palin will continue. Why, Andrew Sullivan is still stuck on stupid by wanting her medical records to be released to prove she gave birth to Trig.

Biden is a very mean man. I’m talking mean as in cruel. Who but a cruel man uses such language as speaking of shoving rosaries down people’s throats in response to very real and sincere criticism?

Let us recall the Rick Lazio and Hillary Clinton debate. Rick Lazio was an effeminate variety of man who to back up his effeminate man cards went to a girl’s college - Vassar or Barnard or something like that. In other words, he was hardly the man you are. In his debate with Hillary, he tried to get her to sign a piece of paper getting her to agree to a certain amount of campaign spending I think. hillary was opposed to signing it. He, pen and pledge in hand, strode over to her podium to try and get her to sign it. And she, because (perhaps) she comes from an abusive at the very least emotionally marriage made a most brilliant move. She shot her head back as if Rick the Effeminate Lazio had tried to hit her.

Rick Lazio’s dramatic flourish (remember he went to a girl’s college) ended up to be as brilliant a move as the OJ Simpson prosecution team having OJ don (in the courtroom with the cameras rolling) the leather gloves that had been found next to his dead wife’s head.

And the next day the media was full of talk of how Rick Lazio had ‘invaded’ Hillary’s space….and hinted he might be… abusive…Rick Lazio who probably couldn’t hit a baseball into center field but Hillary could hit one over the Big Green Monster and have it land in Kenmore Square.

The media and the Democrats are hoping for another Rick Lazio moment tonight.

Mrs. Peperium said:

Hot damn! Biden was toast. Bo,y his eye lifts just aren’t working…

maggie said:

Oddly enough, I was looking for gravitas. I’ll give you a hint. The one who didn’t wink, twinkle, bubble and squeak and still at her age do the beauty queen thing.

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