Ugh. More snow

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hasn’t had much fun this weekend. The snows started on Friday night. The Villainschloss lost power at about 9pm Friday night. So your Maximum Leader went to engage the backup generators. Guess what happened?


The back-up generator was non-functioning. Your Maximum Leader tried a few different fixes he could think of. But no go.

Lucky for us the power came back on after about two hours. Your Maximum Leader went to sleep and woke up Saturday morning to the snowstorm continuing in full force. Guess what happened then… About 5pm on Saturday the power went out again. This time it didn’t come back until about 5pm on Sunday. By that time your Maximum Leader and the family had dug out the driveway, sidewalks, and porch. Your Maximum Leader had also chopped wood for the ole woodstove.

Your Maximum Leader is sore all over. Did he mention that he slipped on some ice today and scratched his knee something horrible. (He didn’t know it was bad until Mrs. Villain said “Is that blood all over your pants?”)

Needless to say the prospect of 6-12 more inches tomorrow/Wednesday is not anything to which he’s looking forward.

Hope you are warm and injury free.

Carry on.

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Kevin Kim said:

Sorry to hear about the troubles. We’re dug out through the front door to the street. The driveway was a major project. Sean’s out back right now, digging out a path from the sliding door to the end of the wheelchair ramp, God knows why. I think he’s just looking for something to do.

When the big snow had been going on a few hours, I dug out the front door, the deck and the wheelchair ramp, along with part of the driveway. Yesterday, I dug out the front door up to the driveway, salted the path, and left the driveway for today. Today, Dad dug a path out to the mailbox across the street (the street had been plowed, but the ten-foot stretch to the mailbox had been blocked), then Sean came over and shoveled out a six-foot-wide path down the driveway– no mean feat with the snow partly melted and very heavy. I came out later and widened the path to about nine feet.

Dad had tested our generator before the snow, running it a couple hours, then buying more gas to top off the tank. We kept the thing tarped up and ready for action at the top of the steps to the side basement door. Haven’t had to break the generator out yet; no power loss. However, on the first night when I was shoveling, I was treated to a bizarre light show, mainly flashes of blue and red accompanied by loud hums, which Dad identified as a power station having trouble.

More fun to come, eh? Batten down them hatches.

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