Turn about…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader should file this brief post under the heading of “Turn about is fair play” or “Be wary before you celebrate a sub-.500 team’s victory.”

Tuesday’s victory (lauded in this space yesterday) is followed by bitter defeat on Wednesday.

In other Nationals news (sorry for the continued writing about a last-place-in-their-division-team for those of you who don’t care…), there are more rumours that Hall-of-Fame Player and current Nats manager Frank Robinson will not return as skipper next year. Your Maximum Leader happens to like Frank Robinson a lot. While it seems (from what is written) that Robinson might not be the greatest coach, it could be because today’s players are soft and coddled. Robinson is not a cute and cuddly type of guy. If the Nationals send Robinson packing, your Maximum Leader hopes that MLB (or perhaps the Baltimore Orioles) will give Robinson a front office job.

Carry on.

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