Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had a good time with his family last night at the Washington Nationals game. That is to say that the time spent at the ballpark talking baseball with the family was good. The game was painful to watch. Painful if you are a Nats fan. You might have heard or read that the Nats were on the receiving end of a good drubbing by the New York Mets. The many Mets fans in attendance were happy. Your Maximum Leader would guess that at least a third of the 30,000 people in attendance were Mets fans.

By the way, who was it that was sitting a few rows in front of your Maximum Leader? Humm… Lets examine the photo…

Clicken to embiggen.

Yup… Just there under the elbow of that guy wearing the grey Pittsburgh Pirates shirt. In the blue button down shirt. That is George Will. Your Maximum Leader mentioned to him that his column earlier in the week was very good. He smiled and said thanks.

Sitting a little ways behind your Maximum Leader was Charles Krauthammer (who has a good column today - one your Maximum Leader isn’t sure he completely agrees with - but interesting nonetheless). So your Maximum Leader was sitting in the nexus of two great conservative editorialists. He could feel the positive vibe. In fact, it was the only positive vibe coming from the game. Did your Maximum Leader mention that the game sucked if you were a Nats fan.

Your Maximum Leader hears that Barry Bonds isn’t retired… Late season acquisition by the Nats? Probably not, but it could be entertaining…

Carry on.

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