Those schismatic Episcopalians…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, for the most part, doesn’t have a dog in this fight; but he continues to read of the ongoing break up of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. He was motivated to post on this move mainly by reading this editorial from the Bishop of Durham in the Times of London. In it, Bishop Wright pretty much comes down and says that a way needs to be found that allows Episcopalians in the US who are aligned with the wider global Anglican Communion to stay so aligned. The offshoot of that position is that a break with those not aligned with the Anglican Communion need to be shown the door.

You know… About a decade back your Maximum Leader was acquainted with a fellow who would have bet serious money that the Roman Catholic church would see a major schism between those Catholics around the world and those Catholics in America. Your Maximum Leader thought it was highly improbable. But neither of us considered a schism within the Episcopal Church. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure why he didn’t. Afterall… Once you go down the path of splitting and forming your own church there are few roadblocks to doing it again. And again…

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:

The problem in finding a way out for those Episcopalians in the U.S. who are aligned with the wider global Anglican Communion is that the wider global Anglican Communion is * still * aligned with Canterbury. And Canterbury has allowed all of this heresy to thrive in the US, England and elsewhere. There really are not any theological grounds for those who profess the deposit of the Faith passed down from the Apostles to be in communion with Canterbury. The Catholic Church does not recognize the Anglican Communion’s claim of Apostolic Succession and the Anglican Communion has proven with its own actions that the Catholic Church is right on this.

There is only one human in the Anglican Communion that has the power -today- to stop all the heresies (gnosticism and more) and it’s not the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is Queen Elizabeth II. She has chosen for decades to say and do nothing as her church (country, and Empire included) has fallen apart. More than that she has gone further and allowed her heir to the throne and the head of her church to engage in a civil union - only giving more fuel for the heretics to keep on burning down the Anglican Communion. Charles plans upon renaming his title - the one he will inherit from Henry VIII (the Pope gave it to Henry back when Henry was still a Catholic and not a sex mad schismatic heretic) Defender of Faith to Defender of the Faiths.

QEII is not the nice old lady everyone thinks she is. She’s actually quite evil. At the very least been a willing participant in it. I know that makes me sound crazy to say this but if you look up her actual power granted to her and what she agreed to under oath before God and her country, in a Church no less, during her coronation and then you look up what a sin of ommision (sp?) is then she would be wise to have her corset maker outfit her with an asbestos one.

As for the schisms within schisms within schisms. Yes. Once you formally break as England did, then what’s another break or 3000000000? This is why the term protestant is such a good one - protest. Schismatics are actually malcontents who are always * protesting * thinking they can do better. And history shows they’re really lousy at doing better….

Say what you want about the Catholic Church but we’ve only had one Martin Luther….

Mrs. Peperium said:

Oh, in case the protestants thought I was being too harsh on conservative Episcopalians:

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