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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is not a particularly covetous person. Indeed, he doesn’t need too much in a materialistic sort of way to be happy. But once and a while something strikes his fancy and he fixates on it…

Take for example the Chestnut briefcase (large) from the Saddleback Leather Company (which your Maximum Leader found via The Art of Manliness website).

Now let your Maximum Leader be honest now. He’s used a briefcase about 4 times in the past year. So he rarely needs one. But he feels that if he needed one the Saddleback Leather Company chestnut briefcase (large size) would be the one he would want to have. He could likely also use it as a small overnight bag in a pinch…

The other thing your Maximum Leader is fixated on right now (and has been for about 10 years now…) A 1970s era Land Rover Series II with a diesel engine, manual transmission, right hand drive and snorkel.

Carry on.

Robbo said:

Would it break your heart to know that my Godfather, who lives pretty durn close to you, owns a Series II?

I have got to get you out to meet the old boy……..

It wouldn’t break my heart exactly… It would make me a little jealous. I have seen three old Rovers around town regularly. It is possible I’ve actually seen your Godfather already, if he drives the old girl into town from time to time.

Next time you are passing through, let me know. You are welcome at the Villainschloss.

All-Seeing-Eye said:

A) There’s also this one:

B) There’s a guy who lives on 33rd St in G’twn who has one of those cars in green. From time to time, it has a For Sale sign on it.

Thanks for the comment All-Seeing. If you see that for sale sign again drop me an email with his number…

maggie said:

Love that series! Princess Anne drives one and that is the only thing I have ever envied about her. But snorkel?? Wha!!!

Gotta have a snorkel to ford streams and run through high water.

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