The truth about a new word

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had a wonderful day (last Sunday) with his good buddy the Minister of Propaganda. While shooting the breeze over drinks and victuals, the Minister introduced your Maximum Leader to a word that he’d invented (with another friend of his). Your Maximum Leader likes this word and will share it with you:

Circumwongle = to arrive pleasantly at the results you want by an unexpected route.

Your Maximum Leader has given his approval to this word and hopes you all can find a way to work it into conversation.

In other news…

Your Maximum Leader was speaking with some other friends last night and one of them threw out a nice line that he’ll have to remember: “The truth is a powerful tool and should be used sparingly.” Your Maximum Leader doesn’t know if this a quotation from someone else, but he’ll have to remember this one too…

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

Deliciously weird combination of etymologies, like a car crash involving Ovid and Lewis Carroll. Words with mixed etymologies aren’t common; this little mutant should be treasured. I’ll try to work it into future utterances.

I’d not thought of the greek/english etymology, but that does make it a little more cool.

I considered myself lucky that I found a way to use the word in our conversation on Sunday…

I’m still waiting to use it again.

Kevin Kim said:

It’s a verb, right? I wonder whether it can also be used as a noun.

Damn, dude. When that bear fell through your roof, it punched out a perfect hole for the skylight you’ve been planning to install. Saved you a bunch of time and labor. And now there’s bear meat to boot! Quite a circumwongle!

Minister of Propaganda said:

It works well as a noun. :)

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