The National Mall

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was thinking about our National Mall over the weekend. Then he found this article about the Mall just today. And as you may know, last Friday the National Museum of the American Indian is being dedicated. It is (supposedly) the last major building to be built on the Mall in DC.

Your Maximum Leader certainly hopes so. The Mall, supposedly a grand open space in our Nation’s capital, is becoming a cluttered melange of jumbled architecture. There is no space for another building, but your Maximum Leader is sure that someone out there is finding a way to fit another one in there.

And something else bugs your Maximum Leader. Everyone with a beef about something done to, for, or near them feels they need a monument on the Mall.

Allow your Maximum Leader to tell you all something. Monuments are trivialized when everyone gets one. Monuments are there to serve an important civic function. They are to remind citizens of the sacrifices of fellow citizens. Or they are to remind citizens of the lives of seminal figures in the “life” of our Republic. They are not tools by which we assuage the hurt feelings of some group. They are not band-aids for the bruised egos of the whiney.

It drives your Maximum Leader absolutely nuts when he hears of another group that wants a monument on the Mall. The Mall should be closed to new monuments. Period.

Carry on.

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