The ML speaks… After a few days off…

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader thanks the Poet Laureate for contributing something to the blog site while he was busy tending to Maximum Leaderly things. To be honest with you all, your Maximum Leader is a bit tired and is not sure he is fully up to blogging. But, knowing his responsibilities, blog he shall.

First. To contribute (possibly) to the nettlesome issue of genetic predisposition versus free-will/nurture argument that has been brought up a number of times in this space. More studies from scientists saying that men are programmed to not like housework and conversation.

Second. South Koreans outsource feeding ancestors. North Koreans continue to starve.

Third. Irrational object of your Maximum Leader’s interest is safe from stalker. However, if you read to the bottom of the article, her career may suffer by lending her talents to a “Garfield” movie. (Yes, as in the cartoon strip cat Garfield.)

Fourth. You mean she wasn’t in it to save California? I’m shocked. Shocked!

Fifth. A real “Richard Crainium.” And some “happy crabs.”

And now some general commentary….

At the suggestion of the Poet Laureate (the Big H himself), I did go over and read the Robin Burk and Tony Foresta articles on Winds of Change. Here is a quick thought, and only a quick thought because at this moment I am not capable of much else. I am more inclined to agree with the general thrust of Robin Burk’s article and commentary on the Saudis. But I have a thought I will throw out, and have to give more consideration to later. The world is a complex place. It can take decades to figure it all out. And sometimes our (American) genuine concern or other nations, cultures and people cause us to want to get to know all about a problem before we act. But that thoughtful contemplation can be paralyzing. (To get a dig in where I can… Just like foreign policy in the Clinton Administration. Too much prevarication and thought. Too little action.) Sometimes getting a “quick feel” for a situation, and then taking action can help simplify a situation. I would posit that our action in Iraq could fall into this senario. We may not have had a fully thought out plan when going into Iraq for what we would do once there. (A point we have discussed here before.) But, now there are far fewer choices out there, and the situation is simplified.

I also read Bill Whittle’s essay on Power. I have some comments I am now too tired to type out. Will have to do so tomorrow.

Final thought. Best line your Maximum Leader read today: Oh, to be young, rich, vapid and in love.

Carry on.

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