The Maximum Leader Speaks!

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has returned! In all honesty, your Maximum Leader hasn’t really gone anywhere. He has been quite occupied of late. I’m sure you understand… Plotting the domination of the world. Re-reading, before signing, the Haliburton contract for rebuilding the world infrastructure after the establishment of the MWO. Making sure the Villainettes are doing well in school. The normal Maximum Leader stuff… What? You don’t understand? Well too bad, let me note your name down again for when the public executions begin…

There has been so much to comment upon, and so little time to comment. First I should say for the record that the MWO alert level has been lowered from “Saruman” dow to the normal “Nazgul” level. Be on the lookout for black-riders. They are the eyes and ears of your Maximum Leader. Additionally, public wind-passing is no longer restricted; and pubic hair may return to its normal colour. (And many thanks to the Poet Laureate for his post.)

Second item on the agenda, methinks the Minister of Agriculture needs to put away the Haig book before he ends up like Ian Duncan Smith.

Third, I must agree with the Air Marshal that bad karma has struck the Washington Capitals. It is sad really. Your Maximum Leader had such high hopes for the team once Jagr came to town. But alas, it just isn’t working out. I am not sure what the missing piece could be. We have an owner who is not bashful about spending money if it will show a return. We had, I thought, a good GM. I was never sure about Cassidy, but even when we had Wilson I didn’t feel coaching was an issue… I am about to chalk up the team’s failure as karma that is rubbing off from playing in the same building as the Bullets/Wizards and their horrid owner, Abe Pollin. The worst owner in the history of sports. Frankly, the Redskins are also suffering from bad karma…

As one who is very fond of George Washington, it is good to see that his whisky is flowing again.

And one last item. If you didn’t notice it, you should check out the new Villainous Motivators link on the sidebar. Or right here.

Not much more to report at this moment. I will endeavour to blog more over the next few days. I hope to get a good post up tomorrow.

Carry on my minions.

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