The magic of chopping wood.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader really enjoys Eric’s site. Today, your Maximum Leader read Eric’s lastest post a few times… All the while he thought of the wood that lay in his back yard waiting for cutting…

Excerpt from Eric’s great post:

…how he’d [Eric’s Dad] turn the wood to just the right angle, lean in and let his eyes search the surface for natural splits, breaks, or signs of weakness…. and once he had achieved some sort of near-mystical understanding between he and the hunk of wood, he’d steady himself, bring his mall to the port-arms position, and in one single moment of extreme violence, precision, and focus, he’d smash down on the wood…. and more often than not, he’d make the split in one beautiful movement….. and if the wood didn’t bow to his will after the first lick, it usually gave up after the second…..

Great post. Read it.

Carry on.

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