Thanks & Sundries

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader would like to thank the Big Hominid for his kind birthday wishes. They are much appreciated.

Additionally, some of you may have read the post (below) entitled “IMing with your Maximum Leader.” In the IM message your Maximum Leader asserted that Episcopalians in Maine would not bring any lobstah dishes to a church “covered dish” buffet. It just so happens that your Maximum Leader knows an Episcopalian from Maine (grew up there - left in 1968 to go to Vietnam and has not returned to live there, only visit, since). Your Maximum Leader asked his friend if they brought lobstah dishes to church buffets. It seems as though lobstah dishes at church dinners were, in fact, quite common - even expected - through the late 1960s. So that little bit of assumption by your Maximum Leader might be wrong.

According to Rachel, today is Blog Naked Day. Alas, your Maximum Leader is fully clothed at this stage. He may, as the day goes on, disrobe and blog again. If you are a female and blogging naked today, your Maximum Leader is pleased to receive photographic proof of such activities.

Your Maximum Leader is looking forward to joining other DC area bloggers tomorrow night for a little blogger togetherness. He will be modeling his new Naked Villainy T-shirt. The one that reads (on the back) “Well Educated. Well Informed. Well Fed. Well Hung. Get your own damn self one. They rock and chics dig them.

Carry on.

Mo K said:

I wonder if I could get hubby to wear the male version. I should order it on principle, anyway. Besides, he is all of those things.
I still have mine I wear from time to time. It’s verra niice-uh. Loyal minions everywhere should defintely buy!

Dammit, I’ve been remiss in my blog reading! I didn’t know about naked blogging, and I didn’t know bout the DC area bloggers meet. Damn, damn, damn!
Well, NaDruWriNi is in, what, 3 months? Maybe I won’t be so lame this go ’round.

Mo K said:

Almost forgot! Belated, most happy birthday wishes to our floppy-bejeweled-hatted leader.

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