T-Shirt Babe Needed.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader needs a t-shirt babe. Yes. That would be a babe to model the fabulous swag available for you over at the Villainous Commerce store (clicky clicky on the Coin on the right side toolbar which exhorts you to “Buy Minions! Buy!).

Anyone interested in becoming the Naked Villainy T-shirt babe should just shoot your Maximum Leader an e-mail.

First disclaimer: The T-shirt babe would not have to pose in the “Well Hung” shirt. As we would anticipate that the T-shirt babe was not “hung” in that sense at all. Anyho… Phin has us covered in that department.

Second disclaimer: Your Maximum Leader promises that he will not try to date the Naked Villainy t-shirt babe. Nor would he ask her to move in with him. Nor would he, after the T-shirt babe had moved in, allow his blog to become a “cat blog.” Not like other blogs out there…

Carry on.

Jennifer Love Hewitt said:

I’d love to be a t-shirt model, but I’m going to hold out until the dreamy Minister of Agriculture needs a farm shirt.

He has a cow, you know!

Minion Molly said:

LOL at Smallholder in disguise as Jennifer Love Hewitt!

MoK said:

What’s yer email addy, oh Maximum Leader? (I don’t see it on the home page.) :o)

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