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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader knows that the Volohk Conspiracy is a much better and well visited blog than this one. But sometimes it just seems like even the big boys at Volohk just want to post something that is a surefire subject to get commenters running to their site.

The issue is, of course, slavery as a cause of the US Civil War.

Your Maximum Leader firmly believes that if he wanted to get comments going on a post, he’d just have to write something about slavery on the blog. Indeed, the Smallholder has done this a few times in the past to exciting results. More recently Ilia Somyn on Volokh has written posts that have gotten 260 comments, and 161 comments respectively. Damnation. That is a lot of yammering about the cause of the Civil War.

Frankly, your Maximum Leader believes that the State’s Rights argument was the reason for the Civil War. The “state right” in question was owning slaves. So the whole thing is a bit circular to him. State’s Rights = Slavery and Slavery = State’s Rights.

So… While we are on the subject here is a topic for you…

Resolved: Georgia had it commin’ and Sherman was the man to dish it out.

You can sign up for your side in the comments. Argue away.

Carry on.

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Smallholder said:

Sherman was too lenient.

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