St Augustine of Hippo

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will point out to those of you of the Anglo-Cathoic (and by that he means Anglican/Episcopal/Roman Catholic) tradition that today is the feast day for St. Augustine of Hippo.

Your Maximum Leader, who was raised in the Roman tradition, chose St. Augustine as “his saint” when he was confirmed in the Catholic Church. For those of you so inclined, here is a reasonably good web site to St. Augustine.

Knowing that today was the feast day, your Maximum Leader thought it was somewhat serindipitous that he should see a new biography of St. Augustine in the local Borders over the weekend. Moments of serindipity like that should be taken advantage of (especially when they only cost you about $10). So he bought the book. He will begin it later today.

The book, Augustine: A New Biography, by James O’Donnell is very well reviewed. If any of you Hoyas out there in the reading audience know anything about Dr. O’Donnell you should let your Maximum Leader know. According to the reviews, O’Donnell is the Provost of Georgetown U.

Carry on.

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