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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was out at lunch today with a good friend. Talk turned, as it does, to politics. We lamented McCain’s campaign not seeming to have lots of life. We lamented the press coverage being generally more supportive and positive towards Obama.

Then we spoke about Sarah Palin. We both agreed that we liked her politics. As hormonally normal men we agreed that she was good looking. The conversation went like this:

Max Ldr: That Sarah Palin is sexy. She’s got that hot librarian vibe going on.

Friend of Max Ldr: Yup. She’s a V-PILF.

Max Ldr: Yes. Could be first one.

F of ML: Nope. Would be second one.

Max Ldr: Really.

F of ML: Really.

Max Ldr: Who was the first one?

F of ML: Nixon.

Max Ldr: Of course.

That little exchange has made me smile and laugh all damned day.

Carry on.

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Polymath said:

I tried to explain the “naughty librarian” vibe to the Mrs. She said I am abnormal. I contend I am not, and if she says so again, I shall let her know about the milhous-philiac

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