Some randomness, mostly about Twitter.

Greetings, loyal minons. Your Maxmium Leader figured he’d share with you all a few random thoughts that he’s “tweeted” about earlier this week. If you are a Twitter type, your Maximum Leader can be found (and followed) at:

Resolved, Alton Brown not withstanding, cooking is an art & baking is a science. Discuss.

Does liking the music of Khachaturian make me a Communist?

Resolved, smart phones have degraded the quality of arguements about trivia in bars. Debate.

I don’t understand the connection between round neck tee [shirts] & big boobs. Trying to get a mental picture, but keep getting distracted.

Great jeezey chreezey! I just learned that the[y] changed Cookie Monster on Sesame St. into Carrot Monster. I feel violated.

If your Maximum Leader may paraphrase the great Elisson, Twitter is blogging for people with ADD. Perhaps your Maximum Leader has ADD and just didn’t realize it until now. Or perhaps Twitter is more aptly described by Dustin Rowles over at Pajiba (in his excellent review of Easy A):“If you look at Twitter on any given day, you’ll find millions of people essentially having conversations with themselves, and they’re not looking for engagement so much as they are seeking validation for their own opinions about themselves.”

At any rate, your Maximum Leader is on Twitter.

Carry on.

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