So you know Ka-ra-tay.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader must concur with FLG’s positive assessment of this video.

Very cool indeed.

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

I think people have been in love with ping pong CGI since “Forrest Gump.” That was pretty cool.


Fear and Loathing in Georgetown said:

That was pretty cool????

Surely, you don’t mean that every CGI ping pong video since Forrest Gump is somehow not cool. This one is way cooler for the following reasons:
1) It’s got Bruce Lee using nunchucks to play ping pong.
2) It’s got Bruce Lee using nunchucks to play ping pong.
3) It’s got Bruce Lee using nunchucks to play ping pong.

Charles said:

OK… I’ll be the Grinch.

It was cool except for the fact that it shows the guys with the paddles hitting the ball with top spin… and yet the ball behaves in exactly the opposite way, as if it had insane back spin.

I realize that the ball has to sit up like that for it to be feasible for someone wielding nunchaku to actually hit it, but it starts looking weird pretty quickly.

cs perry said:

Bruce Lee is dead.
Don’t fuck with the dead.
They have eerie powers.
And I’d bet better than even money that the Zombie Bruce Lee still has more powers than the average Zombie and he could probably kick the mortal shit out of all of us put together.

Eric said:

… hory clap!….

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