So I’ve got this pig head…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader mentioned the other day that he went down to visit his friend the Smallholder. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate the baptism of the Smallholder’s youngest son. In addition to baptism there was the roasting of a whole pig and much feasting and drinking.

So… If you are going to roast a whole pig you might wonder what would one do with the head of said pig? You could have the butcher dispose of it if you wanted.

Or you could take the pig’s head and feet, sit them on your lap in the truck, and drive them over to your friend Polymath’s home where he will turn the pig’s head into head cheese.

If you clicky here you can read (and see) all about Polymath making head cheese. It looks great. Your Maximum Leader wishes he could get down there to try some.

Oh yeah… Your Maximum Leader should mention that he still hasn’t gotten all of the bloody stains off his jeans yet from the journey. How’s that for a mental image for ye? Your Maximum Leader covered in blood with a head as a trophy… Quite manly isn’t it?

Carry on.

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Polymath said:

As long as the freezing experiment works, I will get some to you. Unfortunately, without any really nasty preservatives, home-made headcheese only lasts a week.

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