Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is coming to you from a rain besotted Villainschloss. Damn! Has it been raining. By your Maximum Leader’s unscientific reckoning (by way of an inflatable kiddie pool in the back yard) he’s received about 8 inches of rain since Saturday. More is coming down as he types these words.

For those of you commuting in the DC area, your Maximum Leader weeps for you. Parts of the Beltway closed due to flooding, roads washed away by flooding, and just plain ole flooding… It is not yet approaching Biblical proportions - but give it a few days more.

Since there was much rain and no need or cause to do much else over the weekend, your Maximum Leader partook of watching DVDs he’d been given for his birthday.

Your Maximum Leader has now watched 3 of the 4 disks containing all the episodes of Firefly. He’s really enjoying it. When your Maximum Leader finishes the Firefly TV episodes, he’ll watch Serenity. For this viewing experience your Maximum Leader must thank his fantastic in-laws (who bought Firefly) and his friend the Big Hominid (who bought Serenity).

The show is really well written and put together. It is a shame that (according to various web sites) there will be no more episodes or films. Apparently Serenity only grossed about $38 million while it was in the theatres. That didn’t cover the $40 million cost of the film. But DVD sales have been strong and that is worth something. Although your Maximum Leader also reads that Joss Whedon has no intention of working for the FOX network again. And FOX still owns broadcast/film rights to the characters and stories. The combination of not making enough money and broadcaster/writer feuding means we are not likely to get any more stories of the Malcolm Reynolds and his merry band.

Of the episodes your Maximum Leader has seen (which is now nearly all of thm) he likes Jaynestown, Our Mrs Reynolds, and Trash the best. Although Inara is dead sexy (but not as dead sexy as Dead Sexy Sadie) he finds Saphron very alluring. It must be the bad-for-you vibe that is attractive. That and the boobs…

Anyhoo… That is what your Maximum Leader did over the weekend…

Carry on.

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