I’m a big Rush fan. The intricate rythms, athletic bass playing, Alex Lifeson’s skillful guitar, and the cool and quasi pretentious lyrics… Who wouldn’t like it. But it wasn’t Geddy Lee who mouthed off on ESPN, so I won’t talk about THAT Rush except to say that Vapor Trails was a pretty decent album for Rush of Late. Sorry I missed them on tour. First tour I’ve missed since ‘89 I think.

However, the OTHER Rush… the big fat blowhard… does merit talking about now. His comments about the Eagles QB opened up a whole mess for ESPN. Some random thoughts.

- The NFL was right when they said that ESPN knew what they were getting into by hiring Rush. Well, at least ESPN should have known

- Rush seems to hate accountability. He doesn’t give interviews, and he won’t defend or back what he said. Neither will he retract or apologize. He crawls back to his Amplitude Modulated cave and goes back to ranting.

- His comments show that he’s clueless about football.

- I find it funny that as a media personality, his favorite target is the media itself. When his is a very successful AM radio show, isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Bite the hand that feeds you, Rush. Maybe that’s why you lost weight.

- Rush seems to have no concept of facts or reality. Much like Michael Moore on the left, he sees reality through the lens of his political agenda, and his inane blather reflects this. Under the aegis of “telling the truth” they both pour out a constant stream of crap, and when challenged, they retreat behind the first ammendment, or call themselves entertainers. Wouldn’t a little bit of accountability be nice once in a while?

Tom Boswell from the Washington Post has an excelent column about this in todays paper.

And, of course, Rush Limburger has to go and fire up the Eagles the week they play the Redskins. Thanks a bunch, Rush. If my Skins lose, I’m blaming you, you fat racist pig.

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