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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is preparing for the State of the Union address tonight. For the first time in many years he will watch the address live. He hasn’t watched a State of the Union since the one in January 2002. He didn’t watch Bush’s speeches because he couldn’t stand to listen to Bush’s delivery. He always read Bush speeches. Your Maximum Leader has generally avoided President Obama’s speeches because they are lofty and sound magnificent, but are essentially lots of sound and fury signifying nothing. That said, your Maximum Leader is interested to hear what the President will say tonight…

Speaking of Congress (sort of)… Did you know that on this date in 1791 Congress passed the Excise Whiskey Tax. Passage of the act lead to the Whiskey Rebellion. Your Maximum Leader will have to thank a tweet from the Capitol Historical Society for that little tidbit…

Did you catch the post over on the Volokh Conspiracy about the changing Kibbutzim of Israel? No? You should. Your Maximum Leader was, in a debate on socialism, always willing to concede the point that the Kibbutzim of Israel appeared to be a successful implementation of the socialist idea. While he would quibble with anyone as to how the model would work on a wider scale, he was always willing to say that they seemed to work. (Lucky for your Maximum Leader, none of the socialists he knew - or knows - seem to care much for Kibbutzim and the subject rarely came up in a wider context of socalism.) Apparently now your Maximum Leader will no longer have to concede the point of a successful socialist experiment.

Speaking of Kibbutzim, your Maximum Leader’s mother had a good friend who’s sister married a Kibbutznik and was loving her life there. This friend’s sister came to visit in the US and brought along one of here friends from the Kibbutz. The friend was single and looking for a man. She was also up there on the list of the hottest babes your Maximum Leader has ever spent time with. If your Maximum Leader had been slightly older (he was about 17 at the time - she was about 22) and Jewish he might have tried to pitch a little woo in her direction. He would have failed of course, but he would have probably tried.

Your Maximum Leader, although he doesn’t have the money for it, was shopping around for a laptop computer for himself. The computing needs of the Villainous offspring are increasing and he would like to get a nice laptop for himself. He has been looking at a Mac. But he keeps coming back to an Alienware machine. Yesterday he was sorely tempted to make a purchase he couldn’t afford. Yesterday there was a one day sale on select Alienware machines. They had a M15X that was pretty hopped up for $360 off regular price (total cost $1500). He didn’t bite, but feels like it was a good deal. He’ll likely wait until the M11X comes out and sees how that compares in price to other models.

Apparently much hay is being made about this fellow O’Keefe. You may have heard of him a few months ago when he posed as a pimp and went to various ACORN offices and got advise from the friendly ACORN people on how to avoid taxes and such on his prostitution ring. Well now he has been (rightfully) arrested for attempting to bug a phone in an office of Senator Mary Landrieu. Talk about stupid. One would have hoped that after gaining so much acclaim he might have gotten himself an advisor who might have told him that bugging a phone is a bad idea. An illegal idea in fact. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t have much sympathy for people being stupid. James O’Keefe appears to be stupid.

That is about it…

Carry on.

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown said:

Told you that you can find good deals on Alienware machines.

Once again, you are right…

Or are you lying about this too and since you are writing with such authority I’m just going along with it?

Mrs. Peperium said:

This story is being misreported on a key fact. Did you catch this from Dan Riehl at Rielh World View:

Patterico points out the same thing I said to Melissa Clouthier on an earlier podcast. While we mostly assumed there was an intent to bug Landrieu’s offices, so far the documentation doesn’t support that charge. Of course, the other ting I said is, Flanagan appears to be keeping his distance from the rest. While it’s impossible to know what’s what for now, that at least suggests there may be some wheeling and dealing going on. Given Flanagan’s Father’s position, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least an attempt to cut a deal on his behalf. Time will tell.

When I first read a news story about this yesterday, it sounded to me like O’Keefe and company were being accused of an attempt to wiretap or bug Landrieu’s phones. Indeed, that’s the way I characterized the Government’s claim in my post based on a news story. But now I have had a chance to review the affidavit. And it doesn’t say that.

The link to the affidavit is here. I challenge you to find me the language that accuses Keefe et al. of a “plot to bug” Landrieu’s office, or an “alleged wiretap scheme.”


And this is a plausible idea as to what O’Keefe and pals were up to.

The O’Keefe Stunt [John Hood]

Like many folks, I’ve been following the story of the arrest of James O’Keefe and three other young men on federal charges relating to their visit to the New Orleans office of Sen. Mary Landrieu. They reportedly pretended to be telephone repairmen and were recording themselves pretending to check out the office phones for problems.

There’s lot of speculation now about the nature of the incident and the intentions of the conservative activists involved, but not a lot of details from the authorities. Many on the Left are trying to turn the case into Watergate Jr. Some on the Right are reflexively defending O’Keefe because of the earlier ACORN exposé.

Here’s my initial reaction. First, given the facts of the case as reported so far, I doubt the kids were trying to install some kind of wiretap on the senator’s office phone system. I doubt they would even have the expertise to pull that off. What I think they were really doing was recording video (and audio, thus the reported use of listening equipment by one of the kids outside the building) of a fake repair visit in order to create a piece ridiculing Landrieu for voting for Obamacare despite the legions of phone calls from constituents against the bill. “Why didn’t she listen to the voters?” the gist of the stunt might be. “Were her phones not working?”

This isn’t a defense of them. Far from it. They might well still be guilty of some kind of offense for misrepresenting themselves in an attempt to gain entry and access to phone equipment in a federal office.

In fact, let me go further. Whatever you think of these kinds of publicity stunts, they do not constitute investigative journalism. The earlier ACORN videos weren’t pieces of investigative journalism, either. It does the growing ranks of investigative journalists at conservative organizations a great disservice to invite a comparison of such publicity stunts with the hard, meticulous, and often boring work of exposing government waste and corruption.

There’s a place for creating video parodies and the like. Good for a laugh, make a point, okay. But let’s make the right distinctions — and call out foolish behavior regardless of the intent.

01/27 10:10 AM


And the prostitute is already (and rightly) distancing herself:

‘Shocked’ [NRO Staff]

From Hannah Giles, in regard to news coverage of James O’Keefe’s arrest in Louisiana:

I am shocked by the reports of this behavior. I am well aware that following the law is an integral part of being a good investigative journalist. I take that responsibility and accountability very seriously. I certainly hope these reports are untrue.

01/27 12:55 PM

Would the 22 year old have been aware of the woo being pitched?

You were always quite subtle.

Smallholder - good question. As I recall her, she was actively looking for a marrigable man. If I had been a Jew she might have come after me.

Robbo said:

Speaking of the Whiskey Rebellion brings to mind Peej O’Rourke’s comment that it resulted in Washington establishing the first federal agricultural policy, namely to shoot farmers.

I don’t believe I’ve ever read that bit by PJ. It makes me laugh. I’m not sure that agricultural policy has progressed too much since the Washington Administration…

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