Presidential Quiz

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader saw this quiz over on the interestingly named Dad’s Deadpool blog and took it. He likes it a lot and finds that the results suit him well.

Which Great US President Are You Most Like?
created with
You scored as George Washington

1st President, in office from 1789-1797
Born: 1732 Died: 1799

George Washington


Ronald Reagan


Dwight Eisenhower


Abraham Lincoln


Theodore Roosevelt


Thomas Jefferson


John Kennedy


Harry Truman


Franklin Roosevelt


Woodrow Wilson


Lyndon Johnson


Interestingly, while taking the quiz, and when pondering its results, your Maximum Leader was reminded of James MacGregor Burn’s book on leadership and was contemplating the nature of presidential leadership. He thinks there might be a post in trying to apply an academic analysis of presidential leadership to the current crop of candidates. Your Maximum Leader will have to file that one away and see if he can write up something on that topic.

Carry on.


I’m Lincoln, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’m famous for saying that an orgy divided against itself cannot stand.

Velociman said:

36% LBJ? You must hold meetings while on the crapper. Excellent!

The Maximum Leader said:

I would hold meetings on the crapper… If I held meetings… Does talking to people on the phone while on the crapper count?

I also like BBQ. LBJ was big on BBQ.

I’ve also met Lynda Bird Johnson Robb. I think LBJ knew her too.

Kevin Kim said:

Despite several tries both at home and in the office, I’ve been unable to leave a comment on your Nicene Creed post. I click the link… then get met with a blank space instead of a comment window.

I just wanted to say that the Creed packs a neutron star’s worth of theology into those few short verses. Unpacking it all would take years, if not a lifetime.

I’ve memorized the Apostle’s Creed (as many Protestants have), but not the Nicene. Have you memorized one or the other (or both)?

The Latin is quite something to look at, by the way. Thanks for posting.


I was surprised that I am considered most like Ike. And then the two Roosevelts. Franklin first, even.

I almost clicked the “Report Offensive Quiz” button.

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