Offal-ly good on Friday

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, if he’s not mentioned it before, is of Scottish ancestry. And as we all know, we Scots (or those of Scottish ancestry) have a fascination with bad food.

This is not to say that Scottish food is bad. Because really - it isn’t. It is quite good in many respects. But ask yourself something… When you think Scotland and food what do you think about?

Come on… You were thinking Haggis weren’t ye? Of course, ye were.

So… Your Maximum Leader availed himself of eating haggis when once he visited fair Pict-land. He’s had it a number of times since. He’s even prepared it once…

Your Maximum Leader writes this to establish his bona fides in terms of offal.

Now… For your reading (and viewing) pleasure…

Porchetta Di Testa (or marinated and braised pigs head) Honestly… It looks pretty good…

Your Maximum Leader doffs his bejeweled floppy (mylan) cap to loyal reader and commenter Polymath for the link.

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:

When you think Scotland and food what do you think about?

Shortbread, line-caught wild salmon, summer berries…

Now, when I think of Scotsmen, I think of deadly attractive men in kilts with no teeth…

I too think of berry, salmon, shortbread, and… Haggis… Indeed, the properly ordered list in my mind is: Haggis, Salmon, berries, and shortbread. I’ve also had very good luck with lamb in Scotland.

Can a deadly attractive man not have teeth? I generally like to see teeth when I am judging attractiveness. I am superficial that way.

Shortbread, line-caught wild salmon, summer berries…

Sounds like Oregon.

My favorite offal is marrow, but this sounds worth a try.

Mo K said:

Well, one of these days I may try haggis if offered. I dunno. I think Mike Meyers’ character in “So I Married an Axe Murderer” had it right: “I think all Scottish food was based on a dare.”

No doubt you’ve heard this one from his old SNL days:
Welcome to all things Scottish…

Mo K said:

d’oh! The tag didn’t work for some reason…
Anyhoo, here’s the link:

Polymath said:

I intend to attempt this culiary feat once smallholder has his hogs slaughtered. Any takers in the Central VA area?

I didn’t know a post about a recipe involving a pig head could elicit so many comments!

Mrs. Peperium said:

Maxy, teeth being figured into the attractive quotient is really a modern innovation. Dentistry worth it’s salt being and widely available has only been around since WWII. Breast implants like the ones your dreamy Miss Love Hewitt sports are an even newer innovation, but then you probably knew this.

Yes, Scottish men of mature years with weathered faces, missing teeth and sporting kilts can be attractive. Deadly attractive, until they smile. But then, true Scotsmen rarely smile.

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