O! Sweet Jebus!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has for many years now passed a building not too far from the Villainschloss. The building housed, until a few months ago, some outfit that did architectural drawing work and some construction site planning. He supposes that the gloomy housing market and downturn in the economy did the company in. As he said, a few months ago activity seemed to stop at the building and it appeared vacant.

It sat vacant for a while. It stopped drawing his attention as it didn’t seem to change. The big “Lease Office Space” sign in the front window was there. The grounds were well kept. It was just a nondescript commerical building waiting for a tennant.

Then about two weeks ago a whole bunch of “Mark Warner for Senate” signs appeared in the small grassy patch in front of the building. Your Maximum Leader thought nothing of it, as those signs have been popping up with regularity. (Mark Warner has been visiting the Fredericksburg area with some frequency.)

Then today he drove by the building…

There are tennants…

Mein Gott! The front plate glass window that used to sport the name of the architectural firm now has a big “O” with a red, white and blue flourish at the bottom.

Yes loyal minions… The regional office for Barack Obama for President has opened up right near the Villainschloss. (Your Maximum Leader believes that Obama and Mark Warner are sharing space.) The parking lot is filled with tiny imported cars. There seem to be some scrawny college co-eds going in and out. A pair of Direct TV dishes have gone up on the building. It appears to be a functioning hub of the Obama machine.

Your Maximum Leader will have to restrain his desires to drive in one day and attempt to “discuss” the issues with some of the volunteers…

Carry on.

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Velociman said:

They’re gonna want to see your ‘O’. Be strong.

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