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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader should know that in order to blog one needs to actually push the “publish” button down on the bottom of the post…

Taking a page from FLG and Ellison… Your Maximum Leader is currently listening to:

More by The Sundays

Your Maximum Leader once saw The Sundays at The Boathouse in Norfolk years ago with a good friend of his. This was the show where your Maximum Leader learned that people idiots would create a “mosh pit” to just about any type of music out there… He also learned that Harriet Wheeler, the lead singer, was much better looking than your Maximum Leader had assumed…

Be true to your school by The Beach Boys.

“Valentino” by Diane Birch. Your Maximum Leader highly recommends Diane Birch’s album. You should click that link and listen to Valentino. He would embed the video, but it is wider than his column for posting allows. Indeed, Birch’s album is filled with great songs…

“Noah’s Dove” by 10,000 Maniacs.
“All things dull and ugly” by Monty Python.
Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash.
“Caban La Ka Kratchie” by Georges Fondant.
“Manana (is good enough for me)” by Peggy Lee.

There you go…

Carry on.

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