Not excited…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader knows a few techie types who will be rushing out on June 29th to get themselves a new iPhone.

Your Maximum Leader will not be one of them.

He just go himself a new Motorola Razr. He is replacing the first generation Razr he got when they first came out. Which brings him to a little rant…

Your Maximum Leader’s old Razr worked just fine. He got a software upgrade on it and everything just seemed to be peachy with it. Then it started getting to the point where his Razr’s battery wouldn’t hold a charge. He could hardly get 20 minutes of talk out of his cell phone on a full charge.

Now… Please know that your Maximum Leader fully understands how and why batteries (rechargeable batteries) wear out. He knows it happens. And he wasn’t surprised that his Razr’s battery started to give up the proverbial ghost after 2.5 years of heavy use.

The part that pisses off your Maximum Leader was that when he went to AT&T (or Cingular - or whatever synergistic name they happen to have now…) to buy a new battery he was informed that a replacement battery was $55. He was also informed that with a 2 year service commitment a brand new Razr (that would get some sort of TV streaming stuff) was only $50.

Talk about a waste. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t consider himself an “environmentalist” but he knows that making and disposing of batteries is about a dirty a business as you can have. So it seems particularly egreigous that the phone makers and resellers would price it out so that new phones are “more economical” than new batteries. It seems very wrong on one level.

At any rate… Your Maximum Leader will not be getting an iPhone… He’s going to be enjoying his Razr until the battery can’t hold a charge…

Carry on.

Eric said:

… word, Sir….. my old Motorola cant hold a charge either…. but, just DAMN, I do so love it….. it will be a while before I convert to the Razr….. even though I know that they are better phones…..

I had an old Moto V60 phone for a looonng time. I loved that phone. I hated to give it up. But I gave it up and got the Razr and loved it. I must admit that my new Razr is just as cool as the old one, but works a little better in some areas. The new Razr is a “3G” one. I’m not sure what that means, but supposedly it gets better reception and data transfer. I don’t use the data transfer much… Mostly to check ball scores when I’m out.

I had the same exact problem with my Razr - full charge, get a call, and I’d get the low battery warning five minutes into the call. Hang up, and the battery indicator would be flashing red.

What cheesed me off is that I am getting the Jesus Phone, yet I still had to fork over $49.95 for a new battery at Le Radio Shack because I need my phone to work for the month before the iPhone comes out. Damn you motorola! Why couldn’t you have lasted one more month?

I have to say, though, that for the over two years that I’ve had my Razr, I’ve been very pleased with it - not so much the interface, but it has been a reliable, and very thin phone for me. Nice design, too. But I want that touchscreen goodness.

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