NFL Week 3

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader didn’t have much fun watching football this weekend. (But he did, as he always does, have fun reading TMQ today.)

Your Maximum Leader’s beloved Green Bay Packers fell to the Indianapolis Colts in what was a real shootout. One of the things that most annoyed your Maximum Leader in the run up to the game however was the incessant discussion concerning the quarterbacks. Yes, yes. We all know that Peyton Manning is possibly the best quarterback out there right now. (But a strong case can be made for Michael Vick.) And Brett Favre is a certain Hall of Fmer. But to cast this game in terms of the battle of the QB’s is a bit much.

First off, Manning is at the peak of his game. He is young, smart, and healthy. He is the Colts. Without Manning (much like the Falcons without Vick), the rest of his team is nothing. But it isn’t right to compare him with Favre. Favre, while still great, is in the early twilight of his career. (And he still has those melingering thumb problems.) And it must be noted that the Packers are a more balanced team than the Colts anyway. The Packers have a running game. The Colts do not.

Of course, neither team has a defensive secondary. Thus the very very high score.

And as for the Redskins/Cowboys game… Your Maximum Leader firmly believes that Joe Gibbs did not help his team win that game. Poor clock management at the end of the first half, and at the end of the game is definately a major contributor to the Skins loosing. This is not to say that the outcome would have been different had the clock been controlled better. It is just to say that poor management of the clock was as big a contributor to the Skins defeat as their weak girlie-man offensive line.

Well… There is always Week 4…

Carry on.

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