Nats Pound Braves

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had the pleasure of being in attendance last night as his Washington Nationals Baseball Club “gave the business” to the Atlanta Braves. The final score was Nationals - 9, Braves - 2.

Your Maximum Leader would be a lying fool if he said that he didn’t feel a little pang of emotion at seeing the Braves get manhandled. Longtime readers know that untl the Nationals came to DC, your Maximum Leader was a Braves fan. But, with the witnessing of this victory, your Maximum Leader feels that his Braves days are behind him.

Now there is another baseball quandry confronting your Maximum Leader… That of baseball history. Yes, baseball history… Namely, do the Washington Nationals “assume” the historical stats and legacy of the old Washington Senators (of the American League) or do they “retain” the historical stats of the Montreal Expos (of the National League). The Washington Post has a nice peice on this subject which got your Maximum Leader to thinking about it at the game last night.

There doesn’t seem to be any consistent standard about who gets what records and legacy. Your Maximum Leader feels that, for the most part, records should be retained by the city that had the team, not the team if it relocates. He recognizes that Minnesota and Texas both lay claim to Washington’s baseball history (as both of those franchises were once the Washington Senators).

In the end there will likely be no firm answer to who gets to lay claim to whom or what. But it is an interesting debate nonetheless. But if they ask your Maximum Leader, he’d say to put the old Senator’s records in the books…

Carry on.

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