Nancy Grace Kills

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees on the news wire that one Melinda Duckett has killed herself after taping a segment on the CNN Nancy Grace show. Now let your Maximum Leader state, up front, that he is sure that Ms Duckett’s family is likely quite shaken and griefstricken due to the disappearance of Ms Duckett’s son and her subsequent suicide.

But Nancy Grace?

Great jeezey creezey! Your Maximum Leader has never appeared on Nancy Grace’s program. Your Maximum Leader will never appear on Nancy Grace’s program. Indeed, your Maximum Leader has not watched a complete episode of Nancy Grace’s program. After a few minutes of watching Nancy Grace, your Maximum Leader wanted to either kill her - or himself.

Frankly, whenever it comes down to killing himself or someone else; your Maximum Leader always chooses killing someone else. When the MWO comes, Nancy Grace will be dragged out and shot - for the good of humanity and the TV viewing audience. That woman is completely insane.

Now your Maximum Leader does get angry when victims are “forgotten” or “aren’t heard” (to the extent that those cliches mean anything). But he would prefer to channel his anger into socially constructive avenues. He likes voting for tough prosecutors. He likes spending his tax money on the police. He likes community watch programs and involvement. He does not like ranting like a mad woman on CNN and coming off as only slightly sane.

But, Nancy Grace doesn’t mind those things. Who really watches Nancy Grace? Really? I think that Jeff (of Beautiful Atrocities and Agent Bedhead fame) might have watched her once or twice. But he’s a smart, hip, fellow. He may mock her… But to mock does not require regularly tuning in…

One wonders if some overly ambitious lawyer will approach the Ducketts and convince them to sue Grace for some sort of trumped up civil wrongful death suit… Talk about irony…

Carry on.

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