Moussaoui & the Death Penalty

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been thinking about the Zacarias Moussaoui case and the job facing the jury. The jury is going to be determining if Moussaoui gets life in prison or the death penalty.

Good minions will know that your Maximum Leader continues to support the death penalty. And frankly he would apply the death penalty rather more generously than it has been doled out by our justice system. And since your Maximum Leader is being frank… He’d prefer to see more executions by firing squad. Not only is it cheaper than other forms of execution, but it could be used to bolster a civilian marksmanship program. (But that is another post…)

So it will seem rather surprising when your Maximum Leader states that he doesn’t believe Zacarias Moussaoui should get the death penalty. Your Maximum Leader’s reason boils down to Moussaoui, although a conspirator, didn’t actually commit the mass murders of Sept. 11. There is, in your Maximum Leader’s mind, something missing in this story. Since Moussaoui just plead guilty your Maximum Leader isn’t sure that the whole story is out there.

Of course, Moussaoui also wants to become a martyr. Your Maximum Leader would like to deny him that. He would rather like to see Moussaoui condemned to be some large convict’s bitch for the rest of his natural (or unnatural as the case may be) days. The idea of Zacarias Moussaoui being buggered day and night for many years is somehow satisfying. Your Maximum Leader would also like to put him on a pork-only diet, but the Bureau of Prisons is unlikely to go that far.

No, Moussaoui shouldn’t be executed if he can be made to suffer.

Carry on.

Mo said:

I agree with you, Leader Maximus. I don’t think he should be given the satisfaction of execution.
Send him to Sing Sing.

Phoenix said:

I, too, am torn. On one hand, he freely admits his connection to these criminals and the intent to kill. He even (stupidly) celebrates the murders that were committed to the victims’ families.

While I agree that death would be far to easy and play into his fantasies, giving him the grand Virgin coupon, I wonder if placing him in a cell for “life” is the answer. For one thing, a “Life” sentence isn’t always such (you don’t necessarily die in prison), and there is always the possibility of him forming and growing an Al Qaeda cell behind bars. They could plan attacks and execute them with members who have shorter sentences or are paroled.

There is no doubt that the jury has quite a dilemma.

Brian B said:

Unfortunately, the constitution’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment prevents us from doing to him what I’d like to see done. But Phoenix makes some excellent points in favor of execution.

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