Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was asked by one of his buddies if this blog was dead. He replied it wasn’t dead, but apparently was quite moribund.

(of a person) At the point of death.
(of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor.
Synonyms: dying

Your Maximum Leader hopes that it is just lacking in vitality and vigor and not into the final death spiral; but time shall tell on that.

Carry on.


Pining for the fjords?

Shagged out from a long squawk actually.

Kevin Kim said:

I, too, have been wondering whether this blog is on its last legs. Twitter seems to occupy your attention, keeping you from writing worthier material. You’ve been seduced by sound-bite culture. Or only mostly seduced: your recent poulet en cocotte foodblog came as a relief. Nicely done.

(Speaking of prostitute references: there’s always that age-old classic, pasta puttanesca.)

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