More attention-deficit commentary?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was watching some old “Family Guy” episodes last night and heard Stewie Griffin say the line “Greetings, loyal minions.” Your Maximum Leader needs to find that clip somewhere he can use it…


Your Maximum Leader isn’t much in the mood for thoughtful commentary. He is pissed at Congress for screwing up so badly on the “bailout” or “rescue” or whatever you want to call it. Ideologically your Maximum Leader isn’t much for intervention in capital markets. But after assessing the gravity of this situation he feels that you have to do something. If for no other reason than to restore confidence. You know something… Congress is living up to a 10% approval rating…

There is so much blame to dish out in this economic mess your Maximum Leader has run out of digits to do the pointing. It is a crappy situation.

Frankly, the whole political/economic mess is enough to put your Maximum Leader in a foul mood. But then the Nats finishing the season with 102 losses sorta puts him in a bad mood too. Actually, what puts your Maximum Leader in a bad mood about the Nationals Baseball Club is not how bad they were this year. It is how bad he expects them to be next year. He is coming around to the belief that the Lerners don’t know how to run a team. He is coming to think that Stan Kasten will be gone before too long and that the Nats will flit away what goodwill they retain with their (small) fan base. I’m still a fan. I love the team and am committed to them. But sometimes love is hard.

Your Maximum Leader is also feeling less and less confident about the pick of Sarah Palin as VP. Sure she is on the right side of most of the issues important to him. But after watching the Gibson and Couric interview he is worried about her ability to do well as VP. The big test (in your Maximum Leader’s eyes) comes on Thursday when she and Biden go mano-y-foxyhockeymom. In the meanwhile he will wait with bated breath.

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

I look forward to the debate. It’s gonna be hilarious. Liberals are harping on Palin’s cluelessness, but conservatives have scored some major points regarding Biden’s cringe-inducing gaffes. Most of the hilarity will, I suspect, arise after the debate is over; during the debate, very few observers will be able to fact-check claims on the fly.


Thanks to the miracle of the interwebs and text messaging, you can fact check on the fly. I heard that during the last Pres debate the campaigns were contacting reporters and correcting statements/making attacks while the candidates were still answering the question.

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