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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had planned to just make this a quick post with a pithy comment on one link. But in the interval from opening the new post to starting to type, your Maximum Leader changed his mind and has decided to dump a few links.

First off… Check out Bill’s Comments on how out of control our elected Representatives have gotten. Good stuff. Your Maximum Leader might quibble a little bit with the implication Bill leaves that some term limitations might be in order (and that might be a truly subliminal implication that your Maximum Leader is inferring from the peice), it is a good piece. Check it out. (NB to Bill: It also shows that you haven’t run out of things to say…)

After Bill you should check out the nice piece by Robbo on the Llamabutchers about the 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross.  Dates like the anniversary of the Victoria Cross are things your Maximum Leader should put on his calendar so he doesn’t forget them. Of course, if you want to get a little outraged at the British Government, follow Robbo’s link to Tim Worstall. Your Maximum Leader, once upon a time, had the pleasure of meeting some Ghurka Vets of WWII. They were quite aged at that point (probably late 60s or so). And at the time your Maximum Leader decided two things for himself. The first was that even a 60 years old Ghurka could kick your Maximum Leader arse. The second was that when the Mike World Order comes he was gonna have to get himself a regiment or two of Ghurkas to be personal bodyguards. If you ever want to read a pretty good book about the Ghurkas your Maximum Leader will recommend this one.

You know something… Your Maximum Leader never thought that the Crack Young Staff was one to make nice.

Read the Colossus’ piece analyzing the Democratic strategery concerning Iraq. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t like to linger on the Democratic party’s comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam - mainly because he thinks they are wrong-headed. The Colossus has made the arguments your Maximum Leader would have.

Did your Maximum Leader mention that he might consider voting the Insufferable Prick party in the next elections? Well… He is considering it. That is if he doesn’t write himself in. Or!… He should try and run on the IP ticket! Yeah Baby yeah!

Speaking of voting… Vote for your favourite Hoosegow Honey. Your Maximum Leader has voted for Jessica. She looks as wholesome as one can look. In a mugshot…

Wilford Brimley. Yes. Wilford Brimley.

And with Wilford your Maximum Leader must close this post. Afterall, how can one top Wilford Brimley?

Carry on.

Casca said:

Ah yes, without question your taste is superb ML. Jessica is the cream of the corn country hoosegow honeys. I have cast my lot with yours.

Bill said:

Many thanks for the link, and the encouragement. My current schedule leaves little time for blogging.

My father was in India for WW II, flying the hump to drop mines in Chinese rivers and defusing munitions, etc. In those days it was all part of ordinance which also included vehicle repair. He made the acquaintance of some Ghurkas, and made the mistake of asking to see a Kukri (their knife). There was not the least reluctance. They showed one to him and the owner then took it back and cut his finger with it before putting it away. They NEVER drew their Kukri without drawing blood with it. That is fierce. Anglophile though I can be, to treat the Ghurkas as second-class citizens is worse than shameful. Any of them have more principle than most other citizens of any country and certainl Great Britain, given their willingness to be dhimmified.

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