Like where this is going.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that the DC Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of Emily’s List and declared that soft-money donations cannot be limited by law.

According to the piece:

In his opinion, Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh agreed with Emily’s List that the regulations violated the group’s First Amendment rights to free speech.

“The First Amendment, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, protects the right of individual citizens to spend unlimited amounts to express their views about policy issues and candidates for office,” Kavanaugh wrote. “Similarly, the First Amendment, as the Court has construed it, safeguards the right of citizens to band together and pool their resources as an unincorporated group or non-profit organization in order to express their views about policy issues and candidates for public office. We agree with Emily’s List that the new FEC regulations contravene those principles and violate the First Amendment.”

Your Maximum Leader likes this line of thinking. Indeed, if he had his druthers he would not limit money spent for political activities at all. He would require full public disclosure of any and all donations made to politicians and lobbying groups (no anonymous donations) within 30 days of the donations receipt. He doesn’t mind people spending money in politics in our country. He minds restrictions on money and not knowing who the money comes from.

Carry on.


If it were up to me, all elections would be like your 1904 presidential, when TR took eleventy billion anonymous dollars from J.P Morgan and fucked him bout three weeks later.

Having said that, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh is an asshole and I’ll tell you why.

While giving money might be constitutionally protected speech, taking it isn’t.

Regulating private money in American politics is perfectly acceptable in so far as your parties and candidates take shitloads of public money. That’s what’s commonly known as a “game changer.”

If Democrats and Republicans are so happy with their subsidized convention ballon drops and lying, they should also accept certain strings attached thereto. And in my view, things like Secret Service protection and FCC regulations demanding debate coverage are subsidies in that they require the public and/or private business to pick up the tab for things that the parties would have to pay for themselves.

There certainly is a First Amendment guarantee to free speech, but I’ve looked pretty closely, and I can’t find anything about the taxpayers footing the bill for it.

By the way, I can’t believe that Obama got away with that horseshit about taking matching money for the primaries, but going solo for the general.

Oh, and aren’t groups like Emily’s List, the NRA, Jews for Jesus and every other lunatic outfit involved in this debate tax-exempt?

Aren’t you just a little pissed that you’re expected to pay for everybody and their “right” to do whatever they want, Max?

Once you get the government out of politics, both will be better off.

But that’ll never happen, so screw Judge Kavanaugh and his assault on logic.

Another point, who cares where the money came from if it isn’t publicly subsidized?

Bribery, as you know, is already a crime. But proving it requires an overt act on the part of one or both parties. Public disclosure of campaign contributions only gives rise to the cynical “appearence of wrongdoing” bullshit argument that’s so popular these days.

With the exception of the Mafia’s “in kind” contributions to the 1960 Kennedy West Virginia primary campaign, your country worked nicely with virtually no campaign finance laws for nearly two centuries.

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