Happy Halloween.

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader wishes you all a frightfully good Halloween. He was going to leave the Villainschloss today in his tuxedo, a black cape, and a set of vampire teeth. Dracula being your Maximum Leader’s favourite halloween type monster. Indeed, your Maximum Leader will most likely waste away this evening as he has the past few Halloweens. The Dracula Film Fest! I will start with Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. Then move on to Frank Langella’s Dracula. And finally to Gary Oldman’s Dracula. I think I still like Bela best. But I would really like to get the Hammer Films Dracula movies starring Christopher Lee on DVD. God how I loved those movies. They were colour. Filmed on the same cheesey sets. And had some of the most beautiful (and busty) women! Ah the hours of enjoyment they gave me as a young villain. And the hours of fun they could continue to give me if Mrs. Villain were not around…

But I did not leave the Villainschloss today dressed as my favourite undead. Alas, your Maximum Leader’s tuxedo was at the cleaners and he decided instead to just put on a baseball jersey instead. Which prompts me to agree with the lovely Annika in her recent post about sports teams wearing dark colours at home. It is just wrong. Frankly, teams shouldn’t have more than two jerseys either. One for home games (a light coloured one), and one for away games (the dark coloured one). If they have a third jersey at all (which I am not sure they should) it could be a “throwback” jersey they wear no more than once a year or in the preseason. This is an item fordefiniative action in the MWO. Since she doesn’t like the DH either, perhaps Annika will be the Commissioner of Baseball in the MWO?

The Poet Laureate writes that about some recent polling data about the Dems. Well, I don’t think a Dean-Clinton ticket is any better for the Dems than a Dean-Clark ticket is. They are both pretty bad. Frankly, the only Dem ticket likely to excite the Dems is a Clinton (Hillary) - Someone else. And I think with recent economic data showing improvements, and the seeming agreement that such trends may hold through next year; I don’t think that Hillary will run. She will bide her time and wait for ‘08.

Continuing to comment on the Hominid’s post, I think Rice would be an excellent VP choice. But Cheney isn’t going anywhere and will not be dumped. The Bushes are very loyal to their minions. (Or is Cheney loyal to his minions? Hummm.) There is no reason to switch from Cheney, and it will not happen without a great reason. I think Dr. Rice is likely to be the next Secretary of State if Bush is re-elected in ‘04.

(N.B. to the Poet Laureate: Governor-Elect Arh-nold probably cannot be VP. (I’ll explain the “probably” qualifier in a few lines…) The reason being that while there are no specific requirements for being VP according to the Constitution, it has been codified in the Federal Code that to be the VP you have to meet the qualifications required by the Constitution to be President. Thus one must be 35 or older, and a natural-born citizen of the US (or a citizen of the US at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, in 1787). So, unless Arh-nold is in fact a machine sent back in time to kill Sarah/John Connor but was sent back to the 1770’s or early 1780s and is just waiting for his moment to strike, he cannot be VP.)

That is all I have time for now. More blogging later I hope. Perhaps during an intermission during the Dracula Film fest!

Carry on.

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