Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will fashion a little doll out of scraps of cloth and stuffing today. He will draw a little beard on the doll and call him Guy. Then your Maximum Leader will burn the little doll to a cinder.

Then your Maximum Leader might eat some roast beef and yorkshire pudding for dinner.

And that, loyal minions, is how your Maximum Leader will be spending this Guy Fawkes Day.

Of course, since most of you have probably already read the pos by Robert the Llama you know that Guy Fawkes day is slowly morphing into some weird multicultural festival in England. But if you followed Robbo’s link you would have learnt - like your Maximum Leader did - that Guy Fawkes sometimes signed his name Guido. Who knew?

Frankly in order to make the day more multicultural your Maximum Leader will suggest that the day just be renamed “Guido Fawkes Day” and then it would take on a certain “latin” flavour… Of course, your Maximum Leader doesn’t know how that would make the various Bengali-Britons feel better… But then again… Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure why the Bengali-Britons would feel put out about their countrymen buring Guy Fawkes once a year…

Carry on.

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