Godly Serendipity

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader asks if you, perchance, read John Derbyshire’s column on National Review Online yesterday? No? Well, it is entitled “God & Me” and the link is here.

Your Maximum Leader has always been a Derbyshire fan - as longtime readers know. While your Maximum Leader hasn’t linked to Derb’s articles all that much - he always reads them. Yesterday’s piece struck a chord in your Maximum Leader. You see, your Maximum Leader has written a similar piece about his own beliefs. Indeed, he’s re-written the piece about 3 times. Small changes here and there. Changes to try and capture a nuance of belief.

Your Maximum Leader will not claim to be in full agreement with Derbyshire’s comments. But there are some passages that are remarkably similar.

But you may not know what those passages are… Because, frankly, your Maximum Leader doesn’t think he has the guts to publish something so personal on the subject of his religious beliefs. Sure, your Maximum Leader can drone on and on about politics and his views on this or that. He might write things you agree with, things you disagree with, and perhaps things you find objectionable. But he just doesn’t feel up to publishing a Q&A on his religious views.

Your Maximum Leader doffs his bejeweled floppy cap (mylan cap for those of you wondering) towards John Derbyshire for having the guts to write honestly about just about anything.

Carry on.

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